DX Equipment Is Cheaper Than You Would Imagine

So, you have actually successfully passed the FCC examination. Currently you are ready to end up being a “ham radio” agent as well as make your initial contact using “DX radio stations”. The only real point you should do is to buy needed equipment. This is the time most rookies encounter their very first difficulties, as several of them resent the rate. Certainly, new radio gear can cost a whole lot. However, you may not have to spend numerous dollars to enjoy smooth and then reliable operation of your respective amateur radio.

All “DX radio stations” consist of a number of key components. They generally include a transmitter to send a signal, a receiver and also an antenna. You’ll hardly deal with any type of problems in discovering any of those parts. Furthermore, in some cases transmitter and then receiver a combined right into a one software termed transceiver. It could be rather pricey. Therefore, skilled porks recommend buying them independently to save a few added bucks. Once you have to buy new equipment for the “DX” radio, you could opt for various resources. They consist of countless on-line shops, specialized shops and also flea markets. The last location is really the best for newbies offering a wide range of essential equipment at the most affordable price.

Several popular brands create numerous ham radio equipment. Several of options are instead pricey while others provide budget friendly rates like Baofeng, as an example. This Chinese brand coincides for amateur radio as Huawei for mobile phones. They on a regular basis supply modified tools and then options at the most sensible price you can locate on the market when it involves purchasing brand new gear. For example, you can benefit from a hand-held radio for less than $30.

Flea markets are the best location for those who intend to put a convenience on their wallets. Below you can by used equipment that’s nonetheless capable to performing well. Simultaneously, you should be rather mindful when buying on a flea market. On one hand, you could effortlessly negotiate the cost and also deal from fantastic equipment. Alternatively, there isn’t any reimbursement or other guarantees in case you aren’t pleased operating the particular component. The average price for the full collection of needed equipment of high quality and then integrity can be under $200. However, you could also go with some secondary markets accessible online like eBay, as an example. Anything you select, always try to anticipate all feasible assurances as well as moneybacks. Never think twice to see your community members on a specific maker or brand name.


To find out more concerning it, see the DXnews internet site right here

How to decorate your mobile phone

How to decorate your mobile phone

How to decorate your mobile phoneOf course, you can buy an exclusive phone in a store and enjoy it. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a very expensive phone you can decorate your mobile by yourself. It won’t take much money and time. And your phone will be unique.

Despite the fact that every year in the world thousands of new models are presented, to find the unique thing is almost impossible. It is no doubt that someone of your friends has the same phone as you. Some people do not take it to heart, and for others it is the whole tragedy.

How can you decorate your Motorola phone? This question is interesting for those people who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays mobile phones are not only a simple means of communication. Now it is an accessory. Therefore, it is important that you like your mobile.

For those who have decided to have a unique mobile phone, we offer some useful ideas.

If you do not want to change the look of your mobile radically, you can use pendants, chains and cases for its decoration. It is advisable not to buy them in the store, and make by your hands. You can sew a case from beautiful fabric and embroider it, or you can knit a cover.

Pendants from beads and clay look very lovely. Thus, you can use the new decorations every day. There are many options.

A great way to decorate your phone will be rhinestones and stones. It is clear that this option is suitable only for girls and women. With the help of pebbles you can make even the most nondescript phone glamorous.

We offer you to decorate the panel with a beautiful flower of colored stones, you can also add pearls and gold elements. The main thing is not to overdo it. You want to have a stylish phone, but not gaudy.

In recent years, more and more often we see phones with unusual ornaments. They are decorated by laser airbrushing. You can ask a specialist to change dramatically the appearance of your phone.
Even more advanced method of decoration is engraving. Such decoration looks so chicly, but it is very difficult to decide on the final version of the picture. Today you want to have a butterfly, and tomorrow – a skull.

There are also low cost options for phone decoration. These are beautiful colorful films with different patterns. Once you decided to buy a device and you check price for Motorola phone, you also can order the design of the film in a specialized store or on the Internet. Then glue it on the phone, and the result will please you for a long time. The film can be changed very often.

Some people paint the phone panel with resistant paints.

We have listed you basic ideas for the design of the main attribute of every human life. And it is up to you to choose the appropriate variant.

Reasons why businesses need social marketing strategies

Reasons why businesses need social marketing strategies

Every business needs to have an online presence to reach an impressive number of audiences daily. Having social media presence can do several good things for entrepreneurs and their businesses. Nowadays, people are used to shop online from ecommerce stores and they are also interacting with the favorite brands on social media sites to know the updates and current projects of those brands.

Here are some valuable reasons why every business has to use social media marketing strategies. Social media takes entrepreneurs to the right direction by letting them think about social media marketing strategies to figure out what their business goals are. They will learn to identify their weakness and know about how social networking sites help them in overcoming the weakness. A great way for setting objectives is using effective criteria which includes précising the area to be developed, monitoring the progress, finding the right one to assign the job and setting a realistic goal.

Social media sites can help entrepreneurs to know about their customers. The more time a person put into managing and maintaining the marketing campaign via social media, the more effective his campaign will be going forward. Social media marketing is a process which involves constant refinement and evolution. Eventually, people will reach a position where every post they put out will create a splash with the followers. Another reason to use social media is that it can keep business owners competitive with fellow entrepreneurs in the same industry. It also helps in improving the communication between customers and business through improved customer service. The instantaneous character of social media sites means that it is a great place to get valuable feedback about the services and product quality of a business. Social media will be the ideal option for people who have set a limited budget for marketing campaign.

How to speed up your Android phone in 2 easy steps

How to speed up your Android phone in 2 easy steps



Many of us have been there: That shiny, awesome new Android phone that could do no wrong when you bought it has turned into a sluggish, pain in the backside to use. Why do our smartphones become slow within just a few months?

Often this happens because the user has too many apps running at once, hogging all of the phone’s virtual memory and bringing things to a near-standstill. Other times it can be due to the phone’s internal storage being clogged up with stuff, but either way it’s extremely frustrating. Fortunately we’ve come up with a quick and easy way to speed up your Android smartphone.

Before we begin, this method will only work for phones running Android 4.0 and above. If you have an older device such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace and are running Android 2.3, then this guide unfortunately won’t apply. There are still ways of speeding up these older phones however, and we’ll have a guide for that real soon.

Part 1 – Enable Developer Options

The options we need to tweak in order to make your phone faster are often hidden within a Settings category called ‘Developer Options’. Go into the Settings app on your phone and see if it’s there – some phones have it there by default and if you do, you’re good to skip to Part 2. If not, try these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select About phone / About device
  3. Select Software information
  4. Select More
  5. Keep tapping ‘Build number’ until you see the message ‘You are now a developer!’
  6. Developer options will now be an option within the main Settings menu

Note: Sometimes you’ll find the Build number option within Software information or another submenu. As long as you can find it, tap it repeatedly until you get the developer options.

Part 2 – Make it speedy!

Once you have access to Developer options you can tweak some settings in order to speed up your phone. Note that this should make scrolling through menus, opening apps and multitasking seem quicker – it won’t make your phone load webpages, download apps or do anything else faster, unfortunately.

The three options you need to edit are called Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. You may find these in the first submenu of Developer Options or you may have to scroll down and select Advanced to find them.

  1. Tap Window animation scale and select Animation scale .5x
  2. Tap Transition animation scale and select Animation scale .5x
  3. Tap Animator duration scale and select Animation scale .5x

Restart your phone and voila! Look how fast it glides between homescreens, opens apps and swipes between pages. Your phone is now (hopefully) a joy to use again, or at least it’s performing well enough so that you don’t want to throw it through a window. If you’re not fussy about fancy animations of effects when you open an app or swipe across a page, you can opt to turn the three animation options above off completely. It’s your call.

Fun fact: This is essentially what Apple did with iOS 7.1 in order to make iPhone owners go “ooh, it’s so much faster now!” after updating.

How Much Memory Does iOS 8 Need?

How Much Memory Does iOS 8 Need?



Some people may have been surprised to find that they were told to delete some memory on their Apple device before being able to install iOS 8. The update itself requires 5.7GB of free space to be able to successfully install.

This may seem like a sizeable chunk, but it is only needed during the install. The large file size is down to the system having to temporarily store multiple copies of the download. Firstly it’s the compressed file, which then needs to be decompressed and installed alongside the already operating iOS 7. When the update is completed, the compressed file and iOS 7 will be deleted, freeing up more space.

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However, you can avoid having to delete personal files forever in order to free memory. There are 2 main options: option one is to back up your files, delete the large ones from the device and re-add them later or, option 2, you can just perform the update through iTunes which eliminates the need to delete anything altogether.

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iOS 8 is available for the iPhone 4s and later and includes a new HealthKit software suite, QuickType prediction, Continuity features for syncing with a MacBook, and improvements to widgets and Siri. Although it is available on iPhone 4s, it isn’t necessarily recommended as you won’t get all the new features, and it may cause the phone to run a lot slower due to it simply not having the hardware power to support it. But each to their own.

How to: Change your Dropbox Password and enable Two-step verfication

How to: Change your Dropbox Password and enable Two-step verfication

In light of the recent supposed leaks of Dropbox passwords now is a good idea to change yours, some of you may be wondering how as there is no obvious way via the application. Here’s how:

1) In your browser go to www.dropbox.com

2) Click the Sign in button bellow sign up and sign in with your existing email and password combination.

Dropbox login


3)Click the arrow in the top right and then click on settings.

Dropbox settings


4) Click the security tab along the top and then click on Change password its worth noting that this is the same place to turn on Two-step verification.

Dropbox Privacy


5)Enter your old Password then your new password in the box below that, passwords should ideally be more than 8 characters in length and contain a mix of upper case, lower case and numbers. Then click Change Password.

6) Now click Enable below Tow-step verification, this will give you a brief explanation of what it does, read and the click get started or for more information Learn more on the left.

7)Enter your Password and you will be given a choice, use text messages or use a mobile app, I found the text messages to be more efficient as it double as a notification when someone is trying to access your account.

8a) If you choose text message you will be presented with a box to enter your mobile number, you will then be texted a unique code everytime you log in to dropbox (does not happen if you are set to stay logged in so if DB launches on startup on your pc it won’t ask).

8b) If you choose  use a mobile app you will be presented with a QR code (square bar code) you will need one of the following apps:

  • Google Authenticator (Android/iPhone/BlackBerry)
  • Duo Mobile (Android/iPhone)
  • Amazon AWS MFA (Android)
  • Authenticator (Windows Phone 7)

Once you have one of these apps use it to scan the QR code or click enter your secret key manually and enter the code it provides. The app will then respond with a 6 digit code, click next and enter the code. Your app will now be configured and every time you log in it will give a code for your app and the app will give a response.

How to – Easily Transfer Content from Android Smartphone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

How to – Easily Transfer Content from Android Smartphone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus


Andorid to iphone

Apple have once again released a brand new look iPhone devices, this time in the form of the Apple iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus, and with this new release many users may be swayed over to the new handsets from its Android running competitors.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus combining stunning design, with the latest iOS 8 operating system, many users will be switching over to the Apple handsets from Android sporting Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy range, HTC Ones and Sony Xperia Android running handset.

But once you receive your new iPhone 6, you now have the unenviable task of switching over all your Contacts, Calendar, Photos and Video’s onto the new Phone which is on a different Operating system.

Now there are many routes to take to do this, some involving using iTunes to import data, some transferring using the iCloud account and some just in the good old manual way. However we at the Gadget Helpline have tested out a few and have an Easy way to transfer your  Contacts, Calendar, Photos and Video’s onto your new iPhone 6 device with as little fuss as possible.

What you need:Copy my data

  • New Apple iPhone 6 (Turned on and Setup)
  • Old Android Phone (Turned on and Setup)
  • Both phones on the Same Wi-Fi network
  • The “Copy my Data” free app installed on Both handsets. Copy My Data for iOS here and Android here

How to transfer:


  1. Install the “Copy my Data” app on both handsets.
  2. Open the “Copy my Data” app on both handsets.
  3. On the Android Phone, tap Next on the Intro screen,
  4. On the iPhone 6, “Copy my Data” would like to access your contacts/calendar/reminders/photos might be displayed, tap OK.
  5. On the iPhone 6, tap Next on the Intro screen.CopyMyData screen568x568
  6. On the iPhone 6, tap “To or From Another Device over Wifi” and tap Next.
  7. Tap the Displayed Phone (if not displayed, Ensure both device are on the same WiFi network)
  8. Tap “Copy Data from selected Device
  9. A pin code will be requested, Enter the PIN code displayed on the Android handset, into the iPhone 6, and tap NextCopyMyData 2
  10. On the Android Phone, you have the option to choose what Data will be transferred, tick/untick the boxes for Contacts, Calendar, Photos and Video’s for whatever you wish to transfer, then tap Next

The two handsets will then copy data across, which may take a few minutes, and the new iPhone 6 will be setup!

This guide can be used on any Android Handset including the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the Google Nexus 5, just follow the steps and become an iPhone user.

How to: Update Nintendo Wii U System Software

How to: Update Nintendo Wii U System Software



If you’re a Wii U owner eager to get all those promised improvements and upgrades to the console the Gadget Helpline has the info that can help you get the update right now.

Firstly you will need to get your Wii U onto an active Wi-Fi connection. So fire up that modem and router and follow the below steps (If you’re already hooked up to a valid connection, drop down to cut to the chase!)

From the Wii U GamePad with the Menu screen up select System Settings.

Move across with the Left analogue stick and select Internet.

Select the option for Connect to the Internet.

(The Wii U will begin searching for available Wi-Fi networks.)

With available networks found, scroll up or down to find and select your network name.
When prompted enter your password or Network/Wireless key as found on the router and tap OK.
(Wireless/Network keys are case sensitive, so bear this in mind when entering).

If the right network has been chosen and the password entered correctly the Wii U should successfully find the network and connect.

Be aware that with new License Agreement you will need to accept terms before you will be able to use the Wii U Home screen after the update completes.

From the Wii U Menu select System Settings.

The top right hand corner of your menu should tell you the current software version.

Scrolling down with the left analogue stick find System Update and press the A button.

Tap Update to begin the download of latest software version.
(Depending on performance quality of your Wi-Fi connection completion times can vary. You can follow progress in the Download Management section of the System Settings).

Updating Wii U System firmware is major process and will take time to complete.

Do not unplug or power off the Wii U console during the download or you’ll have to start it over.

When your console reboots and you accept the License Agreement  you’ll be able to enjoy all the new features and functional benefits on your  Wii U.